Say No to Stressful Clinic Visits and Yes to Convenient Home-Based Diabetes Care

Over 77 million Adults in India are suffering from Type-2 Diabetes. At Chord Road, we initiated this home-based Diabetes Care with the vision of helping patients avoid visiting crowded clinics and long waiting hours for a basic examination of their blood sugar level.

Now you can monitor, manage and work on your blood sugar level with much comfort and convenience at your own pace. Our Diabetic Specialists will address individual issues and help you maintain the right glucose balance by creating a personalized diet plan that best fits your lifestyle.

Our Offerings for Diabetes Care include

  • Basic blood-glucose monitoring
  • Prescription and management of diabetes medication
  • Personalized nutrition counseling
  • Diabetes self-management education and training
  • Guidance on regular physical activity

Benefits of Receiving Diabetes Care at Home

The actual benefit of diabetes care at home is to primarily improve quality of life of patients while maintaining their independence and lifestyle at their own comfort. At Chord Road, we help patients manage their condition at home avoiding the need for frequent visits to hospitals. Receiving our diabetes care at home offers several benefits including .

  • Enhanced monitoring
  • Easy identification of complications
  • Independent and comfortable management of the condition
  • Personalized dietary guidelines

Basic tools that maybe required by patients before online diabetes care

  • Blood glucose monitor
  • Lancet device and lancets
  • Test strips
  • Insulin administration supplies


Online diabetes care involves connecting with healthcare providers virtually through secure platforms, enabling remote consultations, sharing of health information, monitoring of blood glucose levels, receiving education and guidance, and coordinating care.

Our online diabetes care typically offers services such as virtual consultations with healthcare providers, remote monitoring of blood glucose levels, medication management, personalized diet and exercise recommendations, diabetes education, self-management support, and coordination with other healthcare professionals.

To book an appointment, you may need to sign into our online platform, register and choose a time slot.

A patient may typically need a computer, smartphone, or tablet with a stable internet connection to access online diabetes care. Additionally, basic tools such as a blood glucose monitor, lancets, and test strips for self-monitoring may be necessary.

In certain situations, our diabetes care providers may suggest an in-person visit is necessary for lab tests, physical examination or urgent medical needs.