Personalized Online Doctor Consultation from Home Never Miss an Appointment Again

Are you a person working round the clock who missed a doctor's appointment due to a busy schedule or an elderly citizen with mobility issues and inconvenience? Then all you need is our personalized online doctor consultation services which bring expert medical care to you virtually.

Our team of experienced doctors will conduct a one-on-one personal online consultation at your convenient time to provide the service you need, like routine check-ups, emergency diagnosis, or post-hospitalization care.

Key Benefits of Home-Based Doctor Consultation

Home-based doctor consultation is the best choice for patients who skip appointments because of their busy schedules, especially for elderly citizens with traveling issues, fear of infection transmission, and long waiting hours for consultation. At Chord Road Home Care Services, our team of doctors is available to patients just a call away. From choosing the convenient time for a check-up to immediate emergency consultation, there are several benefits to receiving online consultation.

  • Ideal for elderly patients
  • No waiting for long hours
  • Saves traveling time and cost
  • Prevention from infections
  • Private and Personalized care without time constraint

Patients can reach out to our Online Doctor Consultation

  • For an emergency diagnosis
  • To get counseling regarding surgery
  • To do regular check-up
  • To receive post-surgery care
  • For follow-up consultation
  • To acquire additional expert opinion

How to get prepared for Online Doctor Consultation

Fix an appointment which is most suitable for you and the doctor and ensure to follow these steps before the check-up.

  • Keep in place the past medical records, scan reports or any test result documents that are related to your current health condition.
  • Clearly communicate about the purpose of this check-up and the status of your health.
  • Choose a suitable place free from distraction with proper lighting and air flow to avoid interruption during consultation.
  • Take the prescribed medications or recommended treatment and check for any necessary follow-up appointments.


The conditions which can be treated through online doctor consultation include emergency diagnosis, post-surgical care, general medical advice, follow-up consultations, minor ailments etc.

Yes, you can choose the doctor based on the availability and timing you prefer.

  • Choose the category of consultation.
  • Book the appointment online or through phone call.
  • Select the doctor and time slot.

Yes, you can receive prescriptions or medication refills for existing prescriptions, subject to the doctor’s evaluation.

It depends on various factors based on the patient’s condition which may extend to a maximum of 45 mins.