Regain Your Mobility with Our In-home Physiotherapy

With our in-home physiotherapy services patients can avoid the discomfort of traveling to the clinic with pain. Our licensed physiotherapist will travel to the patient’s home to provide one-on-one therapy sessions in their familiar surroundings.

Key Benefits of Physiotherapy at Home

Physiotherapy basically helps patients improve their movement, recover from short-term injuries and relieve them from long-term chronic or surgical pain. Considering the patients comfort and fast recovery, our Physiotherapists take online sessions or visit individual patients at home during adverse conditions to provide personal sessions. Some of the benefits of home-based physiotherapy includes

  • Personalized care and attention
  • Increased convenience
  • Better outcome and Quick recovery
  • Promote relaxation and comfort
  • Reduced travel expenses

Patients who can take our Physiotherapy

Steps to make Physiotherapy Setup at Home

  • Find a clutter-free space in your home with enough space to perform physiotherapy activities.
  • Use smooth mats as requested by your physiotherapists and avoid keeping any sharp objects that may cause injury.
  • Ensure a separate space to keep essential exercise equipment used during therapy.
  • Maintain an environment with proper ventilation and lighting to see clearly and follow the exercise without hassle.
  • Pay attention to the exercises shown by your physiotherapist and stop immediately when you have doubt or experience continuous pain while doing it.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows free movement, such as athletic wear or loose-fitting clothes. Avoid clothes that restrict movement or make you feel uncomfortable.

The session will last to a maximum of 45 mins to 1 hour.

In case of any requirement, the equipment will be suggested by the therapist to the patient.

It depends on the patient's condition and recovery level.

Without creating any disturbance a family member can accompany the patient in case of any external help required during the session.